SRFAM was established by Luis Rodrigues-founder, who in 1997 decided to follow entrepreneurship based on his professional knowledge of the mould industry. In 1996  he started his activity in the mould industry as an independent worker, but his sense of perfection and control extended to the supply of moulds.

From 1999 to the present gathering a competent team of 30 people, a qualified and interested top-edge team  who is proud of its knowledge and updapted machinery; a safe way of preserving the accuracy and precision in the supply of high quality moulds. 
SRFAM – satisfies their clients who seek the construction of high-tech moulds being a competent and reliable partner.

The continuous effort to innovate and accomplish allows the company a constant growth, which has not ceased. Plans for new facilities, human resources and competing on international markets, are all short-term goals.


Be a company of technological excellence on the national and international markets; constantly investing in innovation of all our resources.

Material – increase productive capacity, space and machinery.
Human – enabling and allowing personal growth and, therefore, the collective growth.

Through innovation and technology we guarantee our clients high accuracy and precision when making moulds as well as providing services for the plastics industry; satisfying all their expectations.

SRFAM relays on the contribution of all members linked to the organization for correct and effective development in order to achieve its projected results. Making quality its strategic orientation, in national and international relations, with a special emphasis on its clients, to whom it directs the products that it manufactures and the services it provides.

This Quality Policy applies to the whole SRFAM organization and is based on:
1- Satisfaction of their client, employee and supplier needs and expectations, producing products and providing services in accordance to the applicable technical requirements and standards;
2- Fulfillment of the requirements of the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015;
3- Encouraging the participation of the employees in their own training and development, as well as in their involvement on a daily basis;
4- Continuous improvement of the organization, its process and its products.