Over the last few years an extensive restructuring allowed major economical reforms.
Today Portugal presents itself in a position of growth. 

The industry of the mould business has suffered a natural selection in these last years, allowing that only organized companies with adjusted and sustained policies continues its operation in exporting internationally, but also supplying local and national markets.
The moulds produced in Portugal are recognized all around the world, associated to accuracy, precision, technology and high quality.
There are countless industries, which leads to the assumption that there is no segment that cannot accommodate moulds produced in Portugal. Our internal market has also surrendered to national products, hence valuing our capacity to produce high quality products.  
We can go as far as to state that we were “blessed” with competitive advantages; our strategic position and our language which is spoken by 191 million people worldwide – a contribution left to us by our ancestors and by the Portuguese who live all over the world.  (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/po.html).
And we must not forget about our climate; we have 300 days of sun per year – who will remember the remaining ones?
“Nothing is easier on a civilization than a good climate.” Eça de Queiroz – Writer 1845-1900-Leiria