Complete Project Management

We control every step, from the concept development, 3D project, mould construction and try-outs, according to our client's needs and specifications, always considering the cost optimization and functionality. With high responsive capacity, we are able to serve many industries, as so medical, electrical/ electronic, domestic and automotive.


3D Development

We transform any concept into detailed 3D models, by beginning with the ideal development, or supporting our clients through 3D simulation, in a way to validate the whole manufacture process. We are equipped with optimized software, as well with state-of-art technology, that allows us a prompt response at the development of our project.


Mould for Plastic Injection

We develop and build moulds up to 3 tons, with high precision and technical accuracy. Our experience includes bi-injection moulds, bi-material, automatic- unscrewing, low-pressure injection, hybrids, stack moulds, three-plate mould. We are constantly upgrading our equipment and investing in new machines, in order to improve the complete manufacturing process.  We have at our disposal high-end machining technologies including 5-axis simultaneous machining, wire EDM, high-speed milling, and many others.

Our experienced team is highly qualified, that allows us to achieve our client’s goals and increase our competitiveness. 



From Try-out to productions, we are able to fulfil our client's needs, controlling the entire production process.


Quality Guarantee

The growth of SRFAM’s amount of work and resources during the period of 2011 and 2012 led to the need of organizing processes and procedures in order to deal with this new circumstance. Taking advantage of this dynamic it introduced a valuable management tool; the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification, which allowed a simultaneous evolution in the pursuit and achievement of data for sustainable management. This effort paid off on October, 1st, 2012 obtaining the certification in mould production. The transition to NP EN ISO 9001:2015 is subsequently achieved.